Skype Lessons

If you are living outside of my teaching area or too busy to travel and are interested in studying with me, I offer private lessons through Skype!

The first lesson is given as a free trial to ensure a good connection and proper sound equipment.  As long as both work well, you will see that lessons through Skype are not too different from those in person!

The rates are:

$20/half hour


Here are my recommendations for ideal results:

  • Connect your computer directly to the router instead of depending on wireless. It will ensure the best possible connection.
  • Use a good pair of headphones instead of depending on speakers. This will prevent feedback as well as help get rid of any outside noise.
  • For a microphone, I recommend the Blue Snowball (available at for around $60). Although it is a little pricier, it is very user friendly as you just have to connect it to your USB and it produces a great sound.
  • Have with you a notebook, pencil, and metronome in addition to the music you are working on/are assigned.



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